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Nadex Classic Virtual Card

No.1 in USA and 100+ countries

Embrace the freedom of seamless transactions both during your travels and daily activities with the Nadex Classic Virtual Card. Designed for the modern spender, it allows you to effortlessly pay for services and goods worldwide—be it online shopping or contactless payments at your local café.

Get Nadex Classic
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CVV ***
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CVV ***
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CVV ***
Nadex Classic is No.1
What could be better?
Instant Access
Obtain your personalized Nadex Card within minutes. Apply and start transacting in as little as 3-5 minutes.
Without KYC
Skip the cumbersome KYC process. All you need to provide is your first and last name, and you're set to go.
Zero Monthly Charges
Say goodbye to regular fees. Our commitment to value means no monthly fees for the use of your Nadex Classic Virtual Card.
Ideal for journeys and daily purchases
Terms of Nadex Classic
  • Card issue fee$20
  • Card Top up fee5%
  • Conversion fee1% + $0.5
  • Authorization fee$0
  • Transaction fee (cross-border)1% + $0.5
  • Daily ATM-
  • Daily Limit$1000
  • Mountly Limit$30000

You cannot use cards for:

Cryptocurrency mining
Adult industry services
Money services business
Stock promotion
Waste management
Casino & Fin. Gaming
Government or military-related activities
Related fields
Nadex Product Virtual Card
Nadex wide range of global services lets you use cryptocurrencies with the same ease as traditional money

3D Secure

Enhances the safety of your online transactions with an additional security layer.


NFC Compatibility

Enjoy the ease of tap-to-pay for purchases with your phone’s contactless payment feature.


TopUp Crypto

Top Up your card's funds using various cryptocurrencies, offering over 10 different methods.


Global Usability

The Nadex Classic card is accepted in over 160 countries, facilitating worldwide use.


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