Nadex Coin mining has already started! Are you already mining coins?
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June 20 2024

Nadex Coin mining has already started! New opportunities in the crypto world.

We have revisited our approach to implementing our company's own token, inspired by the Notcoin ideology which has conquered the world and claimed the 50th spot among global currencies.

Drawing attention to the token is crucial for its development, which is why we have decided to adjust our company's plans regarding the token. Today, we proudly present the launch of Nadex Coin mining!

Introducing a familiar mining application interface, designed for comfortable and intuitive use by many.

Details regarding the coin's value and listing dates on partner exchanges remain undisclosed for now, but rest assured, your influence matters.

That's all for now; more exciting updates about Nadex Coin mining will appear unexpectedly within our community. Stay tuned for news updates and let's conquer the digital world together!